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Our team would like to thank all our clients for their business and ongoing support. We hope that they find true value in our consultative approach and personalized service.


We use client testimonials to help promote our agency. We hope that all our clients will take time to submit their impressions and observations.


It has been two decades since my family and I have used the services of NEBCO. We have been completely satisfied with both the quality of their advice, the responsiveness of their service, and the fact that they initiate advice and recommendations that they consider in our best interest. In some instances it has meant lower premiums. In short I hold them in the highest regard

– Fredrick F.

I am new to NEBCO having been with my prior insurance agent for many years. For me, NEBCO represented a quantum leap in customer service and relationship. In placing my insurance, they spared no effort in soliciting competing bids and were thoughtful in their advice as to which carrier to proceed with. I have had a single claim during my NEBCO relationship and that claim was handled in a seamless manner.

– Vernon S.


Our family has used the services of NEBCO for over 15 years. The decision to use NEBCO was based on a belief that we would receive personalized service, and this belief has been vindicated throughout the relationship. We have always received prompt and courteous service, whether it’s helping us out with the DMV when changing vehicle plates or securing competitive rates for insurance. In one situation, Donna Gerard went to the mat to dispute an insurance company’s inappropriate flood designation, thus generating substantial savings. No matter what issue arises, we can reach a person that we personally know 24/7. I would recommend NEBCO without hesitation if pricing and service are important to you.



I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent and responsive service I have received from NEBCO and, in particular, my Account Executive, Ann Strolin. Since she designed our insurance coverage a decade ago, Ann has helped process claims on a timely basis,  monitored changes in our insurance needs and has, if a change was in order, never failed to come up with timely advice whether relating to the amount or type of our coverage or the insurance provider that can best provide such coverage on a cost efficient basis. This was not a simple task in that she was dealing with two homes (one located on the water), up to five cars, an umbrella and fine art, furs and silver coverage. My experience allows me, without hesitation, to recommend NEBCO and Ann Strolin to family and colleagues with insurance needs.

– George L., New York, NY


This service that I have received from NEBCO and Ann Strolin is absolutely of the finest quality. I could not be happier with their service. They are always there for me and go out of their way to do an incredible job. I have had a few claims and they have always handled them efficiently putting me at ease and confident things would be handled to my complete satisfaction. I have been using them for the last twelve years and I have never dealt with a better insurance company or a more amazing agent. Ann is a very special person. She is a person you can count on to be there for you for a simple problem or a major disaster and I have had both. I highly recommend Ann Strolin and NEBCO.

– B. C., Greenwich, CT


My experience with Cincinnati Insurance has been one of the most professional encounters. Their agents were all extremely helpful during our recent ordeal with a storm and heavy flooding that hit our neighborhood and damaged our basement. Having recently switched from another premium vendor, my wife and I were concerned about the coverage being that it was our first experience with Cincinnati; however, those fears were quickly put to bed. They left us with a very positive feeling and even agreed to pay labor costs for upgrades/remedies to prevent future similar issues to our home. We have recommended them to many of my colleagues that live in the area.

– P.B., New York, NY


I am delighted to prepare this testimonial pertaining to you, your colleagues at NEBCO, and the claim processing associates and adjusters at the Chubb organization. My wife and I have been your client and a casualty policy holder for nearly six years – ever since we moved to our current home. Over this period we have submitted three claims and in each instance we have received very competent, compassionate and prompt technical support and advice. We value our relationship and would gladly recommend your organization to anyone who needs casualty insurance.

– Ralph T., Greenwich, CT


I have been a client of NEBCO since the day it started. I have been a client with my business and my personal insurance. I have of course continued with my personal insurance since my retirement in 2000. In addition, my brother and son have been clients with your fine firm. Tom Bruel has been an excellent account manager. I can not ask for better cooperation. I am not void of claims however when it does occur I must thank Mary Kate for her professional handling of them. She is great at expediting all the important factors. I must thank her profusely. Thank you for a company that I am proud to use!

– Leonard Y., New York, NY


Throughout our 10-plus years as a client of NEBCO we have always felt that the experience and product revolved around the ultimate in client service in both providing the optimal product and services for us as well as always paying attention to cost effectiveness. In summary, when we think of NEBCO, we think of incredible customer service, cutting edge knowledge, timely response and loyalty.

– C. & M.G., Greenwich, CT


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Statements provided to NEBCO may be used and/or quoted but only identified by your initials. Your full name will not appear on the website or any future marketing efforts. Additionally, your contact information will not be sold or distributed to any third parties.


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